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Buffalo Bike

Donate one bike, and we will turn it into four!

The Bike Doctor is partnering with Saskatonians, Greg and Olivia Yuel, and World Bicycle Relief, and Trek, to improve Africans’ lives by getting bikes into their hands. The bikes will be made in Africa by Buffalo Bikes. These are tough, purpose-built bikes that will be used for carrying water, food, kids to school and people to work. 

Our almost too good to be true (but true) local program

Step 1. Your donation of one bike ($205) through the extraordinary generosity of Greg and Olivia Yuel, will be matched up to a maximum of 245 bikes. Wow. 1 becomes 2. 

Step 2. Trek will then match both contributions. Your one bike donation now becomes 4 bikes in the hands of Africans. Ever seen a donation multiply like that?

Yes, we take donations of any size, but it’s nice to know that a one bike donation of $205 delivers one Buffalo Bike, including spare parts, tools, mechanic’s training and all shipping costs. 

Greg and Olivia visited Africa in the fall of 2022. They are avid cyclists and were impressed how bikes are integral to African daily life and the African economy. They wanted to do something with the Bike Doctor—and we believe that bikes make lives better. We are a Trek partner, who in turn partners with Buffalo Bikes and World Bicycle Relief. This is a proven program, but Greg and Olivia have literally doubled how effective it is, here in Saskatoon. 

You’ll help children get an education

Education is the great equalizer for rural children, but distance can be a barrier. Bicycles help students overcome any challenges they may face getting to school.

You’ll help increase access to healthcare

With two wheels, health workers are saving lives. They're working to combat COVID-19, eliminate malaria, teach health and nutrition, and visit more homebound patients.

You’ll help boost local economies

On a bicycle, farmers and entrepreneurs can increase their carrying capacity, earn more income, and improve the quality of life for their families and communities.

Please help by donating today!