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Bike Doctor Bike Doctor Ass Saver Mudder front Mudguard
The Ass Savers MUDDER is a quick fender for those folks who just don't want to rock a front fender permanently, but need one quickly when surprised by a rain. This one attaches to the front fork by zipties. Customized with Bike Doctor logoing, get your Saskatoon pride on, and show those trails who's boss!
Bike Doctor Bike Doctor Ass Saver Saddle Mounted Mudguard
- Keeps your butt dry on wet roads - Easy to mount, requires no tools - Fits every standard rail saddle, also with carbon rails. - Suitable for tire widths between 23-35 mm - Looks incredible Doesn't matter how you ride, the Ass Saver will keep your butt dry and dramatically increase the comfort on cold and wet rides. The latest Ass Saver sports a new attachment system. Once fitted, simply fold up the tip of the Ass Saver and it will securely lock to the saddle rails. Best of all, this one looks cooler than all of the other fenders out there, because you want everyone to know where you get your bike on.
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