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BBB BBB AeroCage Silver
The BBB Aerocage is an aerodynamic Bottle Cage built from light yet durable 6061 T5 aluminium. The two piece design comes equipped with an integrated bracket and is secured by stainless steel bolts. With the BBB Aerocage Bottle Cage you'll have easy access to your bottle and it will be securely stored while you ride. Aerodynamically designed 6061 T5 lightweight aluminum bottle cage. Two pieces design with integrated bracket. Extra composite top protection. Holds the bottle securely while allowing. Easy bottle retrieval. Stainless steel bolts. Weight: 43 grams.
BBB BBB Fuel Tank Cage
$9.99 $12.99 23% Off
Durable and lightweight aluminium. * T-shape design gives a secure bottle fit. * Special dampers prevents scuff marks. * Stainless steel bolts. * Colours: chrome, matt black, blue, red, glossy black, silver, yellow, white, matt titanium and orange.
BBB BBB SpeedCage
$9.99 $14.99 33% Off
material : Aluminium diameter : 74 mm
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