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Hammerhead Hammerhead Karoo 2

Hammerhead Hammerhead Karoo 2
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Karoo 2 is designed to put your cycling experience first. Powerful features on this GPS bike computer make it simple for cyclists to do structured workouts, follow routes, connect to Strava and other third parties, and get the most out of every ride.

Dragontrail™ Glass panel with Acid Etched matte finish

Dragontrail™ Glass is beautiful and highly scratch resistant. Treated to create a resilient anti glare matte finish to ensure the screen is visible in all light conditions.

High resolution 3.2” display panel with 16.7 million colors supported

292 PPI pixel density, 480x800 portrait resolution, and 16.7 million color support enable Karoo 2 to render high-quality visuals and clear detailed maps that you can read at a glance.

Responsive touchscreen, with droplet rejection

A smartphone-quality capacitive touchscreen filters out false inputs from rain and mud. A double button tap locks the screen if needed.

Fully controllable with buttons

The Karoo 2 can be entirely controlled by buttons for when adventure carries you into harsh conditions.

Karoo 2 has a screen that is large enough to easily see at a glance, high power processors and sensors, and is packed into a compact form factor that is small enough to race.

Width: 60.8mm
Height: 100.6mm
Length: 19.3mm

Karoo 2 weight: 131 grams
Hammerhead Mount weight: 36 grams
System weight: 167 grams

Glass-filled polycarbonate chassis

The glass-filled polycarbonate chassis is both light and strong, ensuring Karoo 2 can withstand the rigors or any adventure.


Karoo 2 features four high grip buttons with intuitive function-mapping for seamless operation even with sweaty mid-ride hands or gloves. Karoo 2 is entirely navigable using either the buttons or the touchscreen.

Overmolded shock-reducing bumper

Karoo 2 is designed to look elegant but be robust.

Waterproof SIM card cover

You can add or remove a SIM card easily with a removable cover that protects from water ingress.

Water and dust proof to IP67 rating

IP67-rated dust and water ingress protection ensures your Karoo 2 will work in all riding conditions.

2500 mAh high capacity battery

Our high capacity battery balances, size, weight, and performance.

12 hours of ride time

Twelve hours ride time in normal conditions with our medium battery drain recommended configuration. (Navigating a route, displaying data, logging 4 sensors, day-light screen setting)

USB-C with fast charging

Fast charging gets Karoo 2 from 0% - 30% in 30 minutes, and fully charged in under 3 hours.


Waterproof USB-C port

Waterproof USB-C is resilient in all conditions as long as it is thoroughly dry before charging.

Quad core 1.1Ghz, CPU with 2GB of RAM

Ultra-fast yet ultra efficient processor delivers smooth operation and data visualization.

32GB of storage (26Gb for maps)

Plenty of room for maps, workouts, and more.

BT 4.0

Connects to all Bluetooth cycling sensors as well as headphones for audio, and smartphones to display phone notifications.


Connects to ANT+ cycling sensors including power meters, heart rate monitors, Di2, radar and more.

WIFI (b,g,n)

Connects to your WiFi for wireless software updates, map downloads, and ride uploads.

Cellular - GSM (2G, 3G, 4G band coverage) 4G: Bands 2, 3, 5, 7; 3G: Bands 2, 5; 2G: EGSM900, DCS1800

Global 3G and LTE cellular band coverage available using a SIM card (SIM card not included)


High accuracy GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS antennae give you access to more satellites to locate your position anywhere on earth.

High-sensitivity barometer and ambient temperature sensors

On-device temperature and elevation data measured in ride.

3-axis accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope

The addition of these sensors will enable us to provide you with future software features that give greater insight into the motion within your ride.


Beeper alerts for navigation, training, and smartphone notification cues.

A new mount for a new era

We reimagined the cycling mounting system from first principles to create a new standard that is reliable, easy to use, elegant, and aerodynamic. It is also backwards compatible with standard Quarter Turn designs. The result is the patent pending Hammerhead Mounting System (patent pending).

Karoo to Quarter-Turn Adapter

The Karoo to Quarter-Turn Adapter allows you to put the Karoo 2 on any Garmin-compatible bracket, making Karoo 2 backwards compatible.

Aerodynamic profile

The low profile Hammerhead Mounting System (patent pending) is elegant and aerodynamic.

High contact area

The Hammerhead Mounting System (patent pending) presents a far greater contact area between the head unit and mount making it intrinsically stronger than a quarter turn design. Its teardrop shape looks elegant on your bike when your Karoo 2 isn’t mounted.

Simple actuation

Karoo 2 slides into the Karoo Mount with an affirmative click. This allows it to be closer to the stem and easier to mount in tight spaces. It disconnects through rotation that requires overcoming two points of friction to prevent unwanted dismounting.

Karoo Mounting System dimensions

Width: 55.8 mm
Height: 40.5 mm

Hammerhead account

Your Hammerhead account contains all of your Karoo data, lives in the cloud, and syncs to your Web Dashboard and Karoo 2. Routes, workouts and settings are seamlessly synced and kept up to date.

Strava Live Segments

Challenge yourself and set new personal bests using our class-leading Karoo 2 Strava Live Segments integration.

Upload activity to 3rd party services

Upload to all your favorite third-party services, like Strava and TrainingPeaks.

TrainingPeaks workout integration

Follow your TrainingPeaks training plans and workouts with our automatic integration.

Sync routes from 3rd parties

Sync routes from your accounts on Strava, Komoot, Ride With GPS, MTB Project, easily add routes using the Karoo Route Grab Chrome extension, or upload any routes in GPX, FIT, TCZ, KML, KMZ file formats.

Get started before your Karoo 2 arrives

We know the first thing you want to do when you get a new head unit is ride with it. You can set up your Karoo 2 on our website before it even arrives at your home.


Karoo 2 ships with our customized Karoo OS built on Android 8, giving you Hammerhead-built state management, navigation, sensor stream and logging libraries.

Custom riding profiles

You have complete control. Customize your ride screens and maps for every type of riding you do, with as many profiles as you like.

Multiple map and data page layouts

Choose from twenty-three data page layouts and six map options, customize them, and use as many as you like in-ride so that you always see what matters to you.

Standard data fields

All the data you need. Choose what you want to track in-ride from a huge list of data fields.

Graphical data fields

Data can be beautiful. Graphical data fields for heart rate, power, elevation, and electronic shifting leverage the powerful screen for rich in-ride display.

Standard ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensor support

Connect your sensors and track their data in-ride, including heart rate monitors, power meters, cadence sensors, and more.

Varia Radar support

On-screen and beep indicators let you know when traffic is approaching.

Smart Trainer support (ANT+ and Bluetooth)

Your Karoo controls your smart trainer based on your workout, and displays its data.

Shimano Di2 support

See your current gear, control your Karoo 2 using shifter hood buttons, and see how much battery your Di2 system has left.

Campagnolo EPS support

See your current gear and how much battery your EPS electronic system has left.

SRAM eTap support

See your current gear and how much battery your SRAM eTap electronic shifters have left.

Smartphone support

Receive notifications of incoming phone calls and text messages so you don’t miss anything important.

Bluetooth audio support

Don’t want to use the in-built beeper? Connect a Bluetooth speaker or headphones to hear audio notifications.

Create a route

Search for an address or drop pins to create a route in seconds, directly on your Karoo 2.

Select a route

Select a route to ride with. All routes include full turn-by-turn navigation and upcoming elevation profile.

Grab a route

Grab a route from any website with a single click and send it straight to your Karoo with our Chrome extension.

Sync a route

Sync routes from Strava, Komoot, Ride With GPS, MTB Project.

Add POIs

Drop a pin on an area while creating a route and save it is a route-based Point of Interest.

Share a route

Share a route to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or email via the social media share integration.

Download GPX

Download your route as a GPX file to be used on third-party services or devices.

Record a ride to a .fit file

All your ride data, including sensor data, GPS route data, and workout details, is recorded to a .fit file for upload to any service you choose.

Pause/Auto-Pause the ride

Taking a break? Pause your ride manually, or let auto-pause handle it whenever you stop moving.

Modify the ride

Change your route, workout, profile and even the data you want to see at any time, even while riding.

Live tracking

Share your live location with loved ones via text or email so they can follow your progress.

Highest quality, detailed cycling maps

Full-color, global maps, with all the details you need when riding, including POIs, elevation and roadway differentiation.

Routing based on course preference

Sophisticated routing specific to your ride, with options for road, gravel, and mountain bike.

Highest quality turn-by-turn navigation

Turn-by-turn navigation for every route, with audio cues and visual indicators that mean you’ll never miss a turn.

Route elevation

Upcoming elevation profiles for every route so you always know what climbs lie ahead, and historic elevation that displays where you’ve been.

Instant rerouting

Instantly get back on track if you take a detour with smart rerouting that gets you where you need to be.

Long-press to navigate

Long-press a location on the map or a POI to navigate there, instantly.

Return home

Always get back home with Karoo 2’s Return Home option.

Cycling-specific POIs

Looking for something? Find cafes, water fountains, bathrooms, campsites, and more on our maps.

Training plans from TrainingPeaks

Use your TrainingPeaks training plans and workouts with our automatic integration.

Duration-based workouts

Run duration-based workouts either on an indoor trainer or outdoors.

Fully controllable workout player

Play or pause your workout and skip or redo an interval with intuitive controls.

Workout guidance

Fully guided workouts with beautiful indicators that help you hit your targets.

Workout indoors or out

Train indoors or outside. Full ANT+ and Bluetooth smart trainer control lets you hit your intervals better than ever before.

Interval auto lap

Auto-lap on every interval’s completion.

Training zones

Set your heart rate and power zones manually, or have them auto-calculated based on your max/resting heart rate and FTP respectively.

Sync completed workouts to 3rd parties

Manually or auto-sync your workout data to your preferred training service when finished.

Review ride

Finished your ride? Review your most important data, including ride time, distance, climb, speed, power, and heart rate.

Upload to 3rd parties automatically

Upload to all your favorite third-party services, like Strava and TrainingPeaks.

Download FIT file

Share your FIT file with a coach or upload to a third-party site.

Part Numbers

860004531005 KAROO-2.0