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Clubs and Events

Bike Doctor Detours

Bike Doctor Detours is a non-profit cycling club that organizes non-traditional rides and races. In 2016, we began by organizing group “gravel rides” on our prairie back roads. 

Pedal Wenches

The Pedal Wenches are Saskatoon's first and only women's-only club with a focus on fun and fitness. We welcome riders with all levels of road cycling experience. There will be minimal instruction and all riders are expected to be self-sufficient. Our 'no-drop' philosophy makes it a fun and safe way to get out on the road with other women each week.

#BelikeBruce Triathlon


Bike Doctor’s BeLIkeBruce Triathlon is meant to be friendly to beginners, but also provide a competitive environment for experienced athletes. Beginning in 2018 the race is being run through the non profit cycling club, Bike Doctor Detours, and will proceed as a fundraiser for Pancreatic Cancer research. As part of this BeLikeBruce event, following the triathlon there will also be a CrossFit community workout—another community Bruce was a part of.